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Angularjs- The Best Javascript Framework

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Best Javascript Framework


AngularJs is one of the most powerful and super heroic JavaScript frameworks. To avail all its benefits, it is integral to receive a deeper insight into its best features and benefits, before it is added to the development program. JQuery is currently in use by the Best Website Development Company Bangalore and various Web Developers use JavaScript libraries for the usage of functionalities, which offer sliders, infinite scrollers, as well as UI elements. With the varied demands of the online world, it is kind of difficult to find a JavaScript framework that covers them all.

This article is a good reference to uncover what AngularJs has in store for the Web Development Service Provider Companies:

  • Overcomes the Development Program:

The most common problem which is faced by the Website Developers is that while coding for the web applications, the objects on the server side do not represent the same in the front end of the client-side. With an increase in the level of complexity, when there is a need to map out the objects on both sides.

Further, there might be terminology issues, as the actions taken by the client will vary from the server-side. This will result in varying input methods and sometimes it is in concealed inputs and data attributes. Therefore, handling such complexity is not easy and is complex. However, AngularJs Framework can be used to create services that look up to REST API, reverting that object in JSON, along with attaching further several methods that can be made a completely functional object. Moreover, the Best Website Development Service Provider Companies can have get(), save(), update() methods to rest the API, without investing too much effort in the Website Developement.

These methods of AngularJs are somewhat similar to the Data Mapper methods we have on the server-side.

  • A Framework Flexible for All Kinds of Applications:

The major cause of page abandonment is the issue attached with page loading. The end-user will not be patient enough to wait for minutes till your website loads. Thus, the loading time and speed of every single page matters the most and are necessary for the website’s loading time as a whole.

To consider the impact of JavaScript Framework on your loading time, the Web Developers need to consider the size of the framework along with the time taken for bootstrapping by the framework.

Talking about the use of AngularJs, the Best Web Development Service Provider Companies, use version 1.2.22 of 39.5KB, thereby enabling the Website Developers to craft adroit apps with an increased aesthetic value.

  • Parallel Development:

One of the key strengths of AngularJs is Dependencies Management. It comprises a massive and vast inbuilt grid, allowing the possibility of multiple key operations to be held in streamlined flow. The applications which are developed in the AngularJs Framework, are at ease to use for the Website Developers to test, without any risk of getting crashed, quite advanced as compared to the normal JavaScript Applications.

  • One Page Applications:

Developing a single-page application is complex and difficult. Here comes the role of AngularJs Framework, which makes it quite easier for the Website Developers to build a high-performance single-page app, which is responsive in use to various screen sizes, providing a better and improved user experience in comparison to the web-based applications.

The benefit of developing these single-page applications tends to reduce the overall network traffic, because of them being rendered on the client-side, therefore reducing the load on the server.

AngularJs is therefore a complete bundle that offers features from the templates and establishes a fully functional SPA application.

  • Backed with Adroit Support:

The applications which are built using AngularJs are said to reap good benefits as it comprises a vastly trained bunch of expert Website Developers who can use their creativity to create something innovative to the fullest. Therefore, this further leads to an open design document forum, wherein the Web Developers can pour in their suggestions to contribute in straightening the community experience.

All these queries as well as suggestions are further answered by the AngularJs Team.

  • Swift Development Via Block Categorization:

The various components of AngularJs such as Controllers, Services, Directives, Factories are useful in building blocks with ease as well as comfort. These components are further divided into modules, performing specific roles in the organization. As the names of these components suggest, Views will deal with the User Interface, Controllers will control their functionalities, Services will further handle communications with the backend, Directives will provide leverage which will create components which can be reused, extending to HTML, which will define new attributes, behaviors, and elements.

  • Automatic Checks:

With an automatic check feature in AngularJs, the Web Developers can modify only a limited property of arbitrary objects. This feature does not necessarily require to use the setters and getters to access the model data. AngularJs is beneficial in detecting the alterations and delivering notifications to all the watchers for the same.

  • AngularJs Framework Supports App Testing:

Owing to a larger amount of fragmentation in the device world, the application testing, therefore, diverts the focus as well as attention to numerous problems and issues, occurring in real-time scenarios. AngularJs is therefore powered with mocks, which is specifically crafted for in-built services such as $http and $timeout.

AngularJs is therefore one of the most trending JavaScript Frameworks which is the most powerful framework, used by the Best Website Development Company Bangalore to reap all its major benefits, resulting in a smooth and product results.

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