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Vastu Complaint Paintings for Office from Bimba

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Paintings for Office from Bimba


If you feel something is not up to the mark in your newly shifted office or you don’t feel good when you’re at work, then you need to pay attention to Vastu Shastra in your office. When each of your office elements is placed and arranged as per Vastu Shastra, then all kind of negative energies will love out of your office.

Making changes to your office’s interior design and elements according to Vastu guidelines can bring a huge change in the aura of the office. One of the easiest changes that you can make in your office to make it feel positive is changing wall paintings. You should buy paintings online from Vastu Shastra collection.

This article is all about the top Vastu Compliant paintings for office from the brand “The Bimba.” It is an online painting-selling site in India that has some gorgeous Vastu paintings. These paintings will make sure that your office always stays positive and peaceful. To explore the Vastu painting ideas, read the post till the end.

An Overview of ‘The Bimba’

The Bimba is an online website that sells beautiful and high-quality paintings and art pieces. They source all these artworks from both local and renowned artists across the world. It was founded in 2020 with an intention to curb the gap between the art enthusiasts and artists. It ensures that artists get an opportunity to market their artwork to the right audience while art-lovers get the access to the most beautiful paintings in the world at the best rates.

Vastu Shastra paintings are one of their main ranges of painting that catches attention of lot of people. Today, you will discover the top Vastu Compliant paintings for offices.

What are Vastu Paintings?

The Vastu paintings are the artworks that nullify negativity from any area and bring good vibes to it. These art pieces mainly shows 5 aspects of nature i.e. air, fire, space, earth, and water. Each of these aspects has some meaning and motivates people to stay positive in all situations of life. You must buy paintings online from The Bimba’s Vastu collection to change the office’s atmosphere instantly.

Most Beautiful Vastu Complaint Paintings for Office from The Bimba

Below you will find the most beautiful Vastu Compliant paintings for office from the site of The Bimba.

1. Seven Running Horses Paintings

Seven Running Horses is an artwork that shows a group of 7 horses running with high speed on water or sandy ground in hot summer days. There is an strong expression of determination and enthusiasm to reach their destination by putting in all the efforts. The tail and mane of all the horses are waving while running; it makes the whole scenery more alive.

The whole purpose of this painting is to motivate people to keep working hard for their goals. Sometimes we have to make hard efforts to gain something valuable in life so we should definitely do all things possible. You can buy seven running horses painting online to inspire all of your employees to meet their targets and be active all the time.

2. Landscape Paintings

As mentioned above that Vastu Shastra is a combination of space, fire, earth, air, and water, Landscape paintings usually show these aspects, thus it is an apt piece of Vastu paintings. These Vastu elements are beautifully highlighted in scenes of mountains, valleys, rivers, forest, and more. Buy landscape paintings online and keep your employees motivated to be supportive for everyone inside and outside the office and be hard working for their professional goals.

3. Buddha Paintings

Now, the last Vastu painting idea from The Bimba’s collection is Buddha paintings. They show the divine personality of Lord Buddha. You can buy Buddha paintings online in different poses. All Buddha art pieces tell you to be peaceful and helpful for others. Your employees will feel happy after seeing Buddha painting. They will be in high spirits and work with great enthusiasm in the office. To get the best effects, hand this painting in the north-east side of your office.


So these are the top Vastu Compliant paintings for office space. They will instantly change the look and feel of your professional space. You and your employees will surely feel good and work with high energy after decorating the office with Vastu paintings.

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