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Types of Educational Toys to get your Kids

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educational toys for 2-year-olds


The way little kids learn while they’re growing up is very different from the way grown-ups learn things. Parents tend to not realize that sometimes, which is completely understandable. They constantly need stimulation for their mind to properly develop, in between their sleeping and eating. But they cannot be taught by sitting them down and instructions. The best solution to this is getting them various educational toys. It is thus necessary that their learning and education is being refreshed with new and innovative toys. There are many options available in the market when it comes to educational toys for 2-year-olds and above.

Magnetic Drawing Board-

Art projects for kids can be extremely messy. Colors can go everywhere like furniture and clothes and even inside their mouths. The best solution for this is to get them a magnetic drawing board. It is a whiteboard with different colored areas underneath. It comes with a magnetic stylus which the kids draw with. These boards are available in all different sizes. Developing the artistic ability of a child is a great way to keep them occupied. This can be used as an educational toy for kids as well by writing numbers and alphabets on it and teaching them. The different colors interest them a lot and they tend to retain information better.

Bug Watch-

If your kids are interested in little bugs and insects, a bug watch is a great way to satisfy their curiosity. A bug watch looks like a normal watch- it has straps that go around the wrist but in the place of the dial there is an enclosure with a transparent dome-shaped cap that can be opened. Bugs can be put inside and observed. Kids can also look for and collect insects that are not harmful in their gardens which is a fun little activity. It is a great way to learn about different insects by actually looking at them and understanding them. It is one of the hands-on educational toys for kids.

Toy Truck for shapes-

This is a great way to teach kids shapes and the perfect educational toy for 2-year-old. It is basically a toy truck with holes of different shapes. The kids put corresponding plastic shapes into the holes to “repair” the truck. There are different kinds of toys of this genre and can be found while searching for educational toys online.

Alphabet acorns with gifts inside-

If you want to teach your kids alphabets and corresponding words starting with the alphabets, you can buy this educational toy for kids. There are acorns or any other hollow shape with different alphabets printed on them. They can be opened from the top and there are things inside which correspond to the letters outside. For example, if there is a letter ‘A’ outside there will be a small apple inside. It is one of the best educational toys to get a child who’s learning their alphabet.

Educational toys are a great way to combine fun and studies and should be definitely invested into.

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