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The Importance of Ink Rub Testing

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The Importance


Labels play a vital role in products in all sectors. It is critical for electrical and safety products. The labels must be long-lasting and of the finest quality as they contain important information. Labels are often subjected to an ink test to ensure their durability and ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions. The advantages of ink rub testing are that it improves the safety of the products, increases product value, and complies with international product standards.

What is ink rub testing?

It is an assessment of a label when it is rubbed against an abrasive. The rubbing takes place multiple times within a short period. The readability of the information printed on the label is checked when the rubbing procedure is complete. The label passes the ink rubbing test when the ink is still on it and the details are still readable.

The different fluid types, like soaps, alcohol, etc., are used in the process. Any application where ink is essential can undergo ink rub testing. The primary motive of ink testing is to find out that the ink doesn’t fade away due to abrasion. The ink test results are necessary for ensuring that goods comply with the industry’s approved standards.

Enhances the safety of the products

One of the prime benefits of an ink test is that the safety of the product is increased. The important details and information about a product are mentioned on the label. In electrical machinery products, vital information like voltage required, electrical rating, warnings, basic usage details, model number, etc., is mentioned. The information must be readable to avoid any safety problems that might arise.

When information is not available to the operator, safety issues can arise. It gives liability to the manufacturer. An ink rub test assures that the product is durable and in good condition. 

Complying with international product standards

An ink rub test is of utmost importance when a product is mandated to abide by national and international standards. A product’s ability to compete in the world market depends entirely on its ability to meet standards. Label durability is important in complying with the standard. The labels mustn’t fade away and maintain superior quality. Being informed about a product is critical to staying safe. Hence, the international and national standards demand products’ label durability, which can be proved via an ink rub test.


One cannot overlook that an ink test increases product value. A durable, high-quality label is viewed as a standard of quality. When an ink rub test is executed, it assures the durability of the product’s labels, which is a value enhancement for the product. Ink rub testing is the only effective method to showcase that a product label is durable and can withstand extreme environmental conditions. Furthermore, it helps to improve product safety and product value in the long run.

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