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Qualities of a Good Leader

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Qualities of a Good Leader


The role of a leader can never be neglected within the organization. Leaders make things better around them. We may say that leadership is referring to the social influence in which team members are being supported and empowered for goal accomplishment. If we are describing the leaders, we have to consider their traits, intellectual abilities, functions, values, and work ethics. Leaders promote innovation. Young leaders can take inspiration from Shady Elhami Montreal, who is a Montreal-based entrepreneur and operates multiple businesses.

Leaders shape the organization by investing their time and effort. Therefore, an organization needs good leaders who will contribute their best to keep the business running smoothly. Various research on finding the qualities or traits of a leader were continued for centuries. Below we’ve listed the most desirable qualities of a leader which build their personality.

1. Self-Motivation

The organization drives through several critical situations. The person belonging to any profession needs self-motivation to move at the same pace. Leaders are needed to be self-motivated in order to keep their subordinates stimulated as well for organizational goals.

2. Inquisitive

The journey of great leaders like Bill Gates is full of experiences that might arouse inspiration in their followers. Leaders are curious to learn something new with the help of sources and other’s experience. This curiosity develops their perspective, ideas and provokes their thoughts.

3. Unbiased Nature

The leaders need to be unbiased for their team and treat them fairly. The unfair attitude of a leader can reduce the potential of the team to reach the heights of success. The leader creates an environment in the workplace where every employee can thrive together and perform sustainably.

4. Problem-Solving

The role of a leader isn’t limited to delegating responsibilities. The problem-solving abilities are associated with the decision-making ability of a leader. The leaders analyze the situation and make decisions accordingly. They have the intrinsic ability to determine the condition and solve problems in the best way possible.

5. Strengthen the Engagement

To achieve the desired goal, the whole team is needed to work with collaboration for accomplishment. Good leaders promote engagement among teammates so that they can remain focused and motivated.

6. Good Communication

Leaders are needed to be good communicators. Communication is a great alternative to express their point of view and thoughts for a particular matter. Good communication skills are used while discussing the strategies, making decisions, clearing doubts, and reviewing the work completion. Leaders shouldn’t use harsh words which may put a bad impression on employees. Great leaders like Maged Elhami Montreal proves that proper communication in any business is needed to achieve great success.

7. Delegation

Delegating the responsibilities is a good way to maximize profitability. Delegation of tasks highly impacts the performance of the team. After delegating the task, a leader can focus on other important work as well.


According to the study of the Center for Creative Leadership, around 38% to more than half of leaders fail within their initial three years. The only thing which remains with a leader in any situation is their qualities. Qualities make them better and influential leaders. They are highly desired by the organization as they ensure that every teammate is growing and moving for the organization’s goals.

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