June 20, 2024

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Get a chic look with these top 5 Stylish Accessories

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 name pendant


Fashion accessories are meant to complete your look. Without an appropriate piece of jewelry or supplement accessory like wallet, belt, keychain, etc., your outfit seems unattractive and incomplete. Therefore, try any of these top 5 stylish accessories to get a chic look and impress the viewers immediately

1. Name Bracelet

If you’re looking to upgrade your style, one of the first things you should do is pick up a Name Bracelet from the store of Etchcraft Emporium. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that goes well with any attire, whether it’s casual, formal, modern or Indo-western. The 22-carat gold plating makes it look deluxe, while the stainless-steel material is hypoallergenic, meaning even people with sensitive skin can wear it without issue. Plus, your name can be engraved on it for an added touch of glamour

2. Name Necklace

Time to add some style to your outfit! This next piece is a chic and comfy name necklace from the brand ‘Etchcraft Emporium’. You’ll love everything about this piece, from the design to the finishing touches. The necklace comes with a standard 20-inch chain that’s adjustable up to 18 inches. But the real star of the show is the pendant. The 22-carat gold-plated cuboid pendant looks expensive and will elevate your look instantly. Plus, you can have your name etched on all four sides of the locket for an extra personal touch.

3. Name pendant

This name pendant chain will give you a super stylish and unique look in no time. The black orb pendant is bedecked with a 22-carat gold plated layer in the mid for name inclusion. It’s created with stainless steel, so it’s built to last. The chain is 19 inches long and can be shortened up to 17 inches for a different look. You can pair this chic name pendant with any of your daily-wear, office-wear, or party-wear outfits.

4. Locket for men

All the men out there, here is a super-chic and cool accessory for you from the house of Etchcraft Emporium. This locket for men has a minimal design, which is just apt for daily wear. It’s in gold finish so it goes with all kinds of outfits, including formals and informal. The 22-carat gold plating is of premium quality and will not fade away so easily. Additionally, it is made using stainless steel, which adds to its sturdiness. The cuboid locket can be etched with your name for an attractive look.

5. Car Keychain

Apart from the jewelry and fashion accessories, other elements also add to your overall look. You can achieve a chic look with supplement elements such as your keychain. Yes, you must see this super cool car keychain. It is in the shape of a car, has a shiny silver finish, and a tight hook to hold your keys. In short, it’s having all the features of a stylish yet safety keychain. Plus, name customization is possible!

Final Words

These stylish accessories are the must-haves for you to attain a chic look. They are all from the famous custom items’ store ‘Etchcraft Emporium’. Each of the item features an exclusive design and premium quality so you will never be disappointed.

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