July 15, 2024

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Alcohol Use Decreases While Drug Use is on the Rise in Teenagers

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Decreases While Drug


A new study has found that drug use in teens has been increasing while alcohol usage decreased. Marijuana gummies have reportedly become quite popular within this age group. It is no wonder why so many youngsters wish to experiment with cannabis, as many of these products look enticing in bright-colored packaging with tasty flavors such as Gelato or Strawberry Shortcake.

Researchers looked at evidence from the National Poison Data System between 2000 to 2020. Throughout this timeline, investigators saw 338,000 plus occasions of abuse amongst US youth between ages 6-18. The mass of ingestion happened in boys at 58.3%, while 80% plus of all stated exposure situations took place in young folks ages 13-18.

Per Linda Richter, Vice President for Prevention Research and Analysis at Partnership to End Addiction,these results include increasing proof that showcases the risky properties cannabis gummies may possess on the younger population.

Ritcher stated that the cannabis gummy merchandise looks like confectioneries. They are produced in alluring flavors and possess greater concentrations of THC. The expansion of this type of wares, particularly in locations where non-medical usage of cannabis has been permitted, normalizes the use of dope and decreases conceptions of hazard or damage amidst the younger population. Cannabis can make teens possess more anxiety, be depressed,  have thoughts of suicide, have bouts of psychosis, have cannabis intoxication, and become addicted to marijuana. Brain development can also be affected, as your teenager’s brain is not done growing yet. Many have reported having trouble paying attention, remembering things, having trouble problem solving, or having reduced coordination. And if your child is of driving age, their driving could be impaired.

One of the best things you can do as a parent or guardian is to be informed. Talk with your children about the risks of cannabis.  Remember, it is never too early to start prevention. Let them know from an early age how dangerous any type of drug is. They may not know how harmful edibles or vapes can be.

Being involved in your child’s life is also a great way to connect with them. Have family meals together where you talk about each other’s day. Get to know their friends and their friend’s parents, as well as their teachers and coaches.

 If you ask your child if they are using illegal drugs, they could say no. But by understanding there are various drug screenings that can be done, it can leave you some peace of mind. Drug testing that can be used includes urine drug testing, hair follicle drug screening, and specialty drug testing.

If you are in the Clearwater, FL area and believe your child is partaking in drug use, contact Peace of Mind.They can offer drug testing for your child, allowing you to take action quickly and prevent any further harm.

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