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A Quick Guide To Do A Takeoff In Construction

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Do A Takeoff In Construction


Today, there is very little room for error when it comes to the construction industry. With increasing material costs and small margins, contractors must make sure that project costs and materials are accurately estimated. This is how they can make precise projections and optimize their bids. When you complete all of this, you need to learn how to successfully approach a Construction Takeoff. Takeoffs in construction give you clarity on all the elements of the construction project. It will help you to make precise estimates and proceed with confidence. So, before starting the procedure, it is good to know all vital things related to a takeoff in construction.

Introduction to a takeoff in construction

It is a procedure of listing and measuring the materials needed for a construction project to calculate the cost to finish it. A takeoff in construction is the first step in the estimation process, which includes quantifying the materials required to start and implement the job. Exact takeoffs and quantification can give you profitable projects. When you have accurate information about materials and costs, it helps you to allocate the resources correctly and effectively. This way, you can produce more competitive bids. These days, there are plenty of construction estimation software tools available in the industry from many service providers. To complete construction takeoffs, you need to understand who and what is included in the process.

Who is responsible for takeoffs?

At both general contracting and subcontracting companies, takeoffs are generally done by estimators. Estimators determine the labor, material, and equipment costs so that they can generate a precise and competitive bid. Without any doubt, it can be said that each project is unique and has its own different needs. Estimators often depend on years of knowledge and determine what materials are needed to complete the project. They also use their experiences from projects; they have completed before to identify savings. It is because they have to quantify the materials in an accurate manner so that they can calculate the costs. As a result, it will give you a winning and profitable bid.

Considering bigger construction companies, they have multiple estimators who are working on larger and more complex projects. In some cases, estimators use project plans, models, and documents to create the list of materials.

Know the components of a construction takeoff

To get accurate results, construction takeoff software tools are available. But before using it, if you know what it contains, then you can reap the benefits of a tool to the maximum level. At a very high level, a Construction Takeoff includes the lists of the materials that are required for a particular project along with their respective costs and quantities. Takeoffs are detailed documents, which highlight the particular types of materials needed along with their accurate measurements and pricing. After that, estimators mention each type of material along with its measurement, description, required quantity, and cost in a spreadsheet or software.

The right procedure to do a takeoff

After knowing what is included in a takeoff, now it is the right time to understand how to do it exactly. There are some important steps you need to follow when it comes to implementing takeoffs in construction.

Review the plans

To start with a takeoff, the first step you need to take is to get your hands on the plans and documents of a particular project. This way, you can visualize the project to find out what materials to use with their quantities. For a manual takeoff, you will need physical documents to review them by hand. But for a digital takeoff, you can request scanned copies of documents and then upload them into the software.

Count and list the materials needed

Using the project’s blueprint will let you start counting the number of materials needed to implement the project. The specific actions you are going to take will rely on how you are executing the takeoff. To do it manually, you need to count manually. Digital takeoff tools can automate the counting process.

Quantify the different components

To avoid any errors in takeoffs, it is important to measure the various components of a project. Accurate measurements are needed for whatever you are building. It is also important to calculate the square footage of a given room. Manual processes need a scale ruler on paper plans and digital takeoff software can produce those measurements quickly.

Determine the quantities and cost

Next, you need to find the quantities of the materials needed in a project along with costs. For quantities, take stock of the necessary materials of many project components and then use that data. To determine the cost, you need to have industry knowledge of the market rates.

So, managing a Construction Takeoff digitally can be an easier thing. Consider McCormick Systems for the best construction takeoff tools.

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