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Insider Secrets To Selling Your Jewelry For Cash

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Jewelry For Cash



Do you have too much jewelry? Or maybe you are thinking of decluttering. Here is a guide to selling your jewelry for cash. Jewelry is an investment that can take years to appreciate, but it may be time to cash out. Despite the perceived value of certain pieces, it can be difficult to resell an item in its complete state due to wear and tear, tarnish, or other imperfections. And unless you’re an expert in jewelry appraisal, you’ll never know what your items are worth.


So how do you know when it’s time to unload everything? Here are 9 insider secrets for selling your jewelry for cash:

1) Look at the true cost of owning each piece before making a decision about whether or not to sell.

2) The most common types of jewelry you’ll find for sale are costume jewelry, sterling silver, gold filled or 18k gold, and diamond jewelry.

3) Anything that’s costume is going to be marked down drastically from its original price.

4) A lot of people do not realize the difference between a ring, pendant and necklace when it comes to wholesale and retail value.

5) The most common types of diamonds you’ll find are solitaires (perfect), emeralds (maxxed), and rubies.

6) Resale values depend on the type of stone, carat weight and cut.

7) A lot of people are looking for a ring that matches an existing one.

8) When selling jewelry to a jeweler, it is best to bring photos with you so they can see the item without you having to hold it.

9) The most valuable piece of jewelry is an original piece.

In most cases, when selling your jewelry for cash, it’s best to look in your local classifieds for resale of Diamond Jewelry if you’re selling your diamonds and do not just rely on websites such as craigslist that are not primarily used for reselling items. If you want your items to be seen by potential buyers right away, you need to post them on the sites where people go regularly for the purpose of buying and selling items. You’ll make sure the right people see them, instead of just your neighbors. You may also want to consider bringing your items to a local pawnshop. They will be able to offer you cash for your jewelry and then resell it for a small commission. If you decide to sell at a pawn shop you can try shopping around because not every shop offers the same price when buying jewelry. Pawnbrokers are experts in buying and selling precious metals and resale of Diamond Jewelry, also have connections with jewelers who pay top dollar on resale of Diamond Jewelry and other precious gems.


1) Cash is money. Although it may take time for your jewelry to appreciate in value, your items are worth more than you think.

2) If you are an expert in appraising jewelry, this would be a profitable way to finance a new piece or pay for something you really want.

3) You don’t have to wait until the price of a piece goes up to sell it.  You can contact some pawn shops that may agree to buy your item and then resell it at a later date making money twice: once when they buy it and again when they resell it.

4) The truth is, there are many people looking for inexpensive but also beautiful pieces of jewelry.

5) Christmas time is a great time to sell your jewelry. It’s the best time of the year to buy and resell diamonds, gold and silver if you want to make some quick cash.

6) You may want to liquidate your estate jewelry or pawn until you find out what it’s really worth.

7) When you find a piece of jewelry that you love, don’t sell it just yet. Preserve it as an heirloom and make sure this piece is passed down through the generations.


No matter how much gold, silver or diamonds you have or how hard you try to sell them, in the end, you may be better off keeping them. Everyone has different tastes and it only takes one person to love your piece of jewelry completely and get it to its full potential.

However, by understanding the rules of reselling gold, silver and diamonds it can help you make more money when you finally do sell them. Jewelry can be an investment, but you have to know the risks. However, if you don’t resell your items in time, you may lose out on their potential value.

With a bit of research and knowledge, you can make some money from the jewelry that is already in your possession. It takes some time and effort – but the results are worth it when you decide to sell your jewelry for cash.

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