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Healing Crystals and How They Impact the World of Tarot!

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The Tarot Cards readers and the seekers who have taken a Tarot Card reading at some point of their life  know what wonders it can unlock in their life. Tarot can help them see a situation in a different light,  change perspective from negative to positive and guide the seeker as to what could help them to get a  hold on an apparently impossible situation. Readings and healing power of tarot can be enhanced by  including healing crystals into the process. Both the reader and seeker report an enhanced experience of  the whole process that it almost feel otherworldly.

If you are just starting to consider reading tarot for yourself or professionally, a tarot card reading  course by a reputed teacher can open doors to this wonderful world of possibilities, the possibilities that  increase manifold with the use of other spiritual tools such as incense sticks, essential oils and healing  crystals.

This blog focuses on the use of crystals to strengthen the message conveyed by the Tarot. Relation of Crystal and Tarot

The healing crystals have both metaphysical and therapeutic characteristics associated with them.  Experienced readers know how and when to incorporate the crystals and which ones at that to help  them gain more clarity in reading and on the situation the seeker wants some insights.

  • Crystals work in energizing a surrounding to transform the space into a realm of spiritual insights. You can relate it to opening up a bridge from one space to another to guide the seeker better in his / her quest. Different crystals have different qualities and each one is used for its  unique and specific characteristics or a combination of those.
  • Crystals are known to psychologically impact people in a way they cannot put a finger on it. Those who understand what they are doing with the crystals can soothe a troubled person in a way no amount of words and reading can.
  • Breaking the fields of negativity is very important to guide intuitively. However that can get really difficult when the person who seeks tarot guidance is assuming the situation to be bleak beyond remedy. Crystals can assist that seeker in breaking that negative fields to allow him to  see what possibilities the supposedly bleak situation holds. Even an experienced tarot reader  would find it difficult to do this without crystals some souls are so helpless.

Learn all about using crystals for a better reading in an advanced tarot reading course easily available  online offered by experienced teachers.

How the Crystals can be used to achieve aforementioned?

Crystals can be used:

  • With the deck: Different readers can have different sentiments on this. Some insist on keeping the deck in a pouch sewn with crystals or even a jewelry box with these stones. Some like to

leave the crystals on the deck much before the reading has to take place to allow them soak its  energy.

  • By direct physical touch: Readers often seen to be holding the crystals they prefer throughout the time of making a reading. Some ask their clients to hold a particular crystal to assist them assimilate the reading to positively impact them.
  • In elixir form: Some spiritual retreats have popularized drinks made from crystals that can have the same effect as offered by the above two methods only better if they are to be believed.

Crystals used in Tarot Reading

Various types of semi-precious stones are employed to give a clear reading. Amethyst, Black Tourmaline,  different types of quartz like Clear, Rose and Smoky, Celestite, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Garnet, Selenite and  Citrine are some of the most commonly used crystals that tarot reader use while making a reading. They  are used for different reasons in a reading which you can learn in detail when you take certificate course  on Tarot Reading.

What can Crystals do for a Tarot Reader and Seeker?

1) Get deeper insights: When energies are cleared, mental blocks are removed as well. These help in  changing the vibration of the space as well as of the person to facilitate meditative states. Deeper  meanings are bound to appear thus.

2) Energize your deck: Decks are the medium to enter the spiritual realm, and crystals facilitate that  journey. They help gain clarity on situation by getting a clear path of action, not obstructed by any  negative energy.

3) Elevate the surrounding: While cancelling negative aura and facilitating positive vibes, crystals allow  calm to set in, a must for a clear-head.

4) Manifest: Many experienced readers believe that if a seeker has something on his / her mind, it could  be manifested using the right crystal and an immersive process.

For a potential tarot reader, there is so much to learn to make a through reading and how crystals can  take it to just another level. If anything is stopping you from going to a great teacher to learn it all, enroll  in an online tarot reading class that offers a certificate as well to help you settle professionally later.

Let the world be guided by your light!

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