May 22, 2024

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5 Great Ways To Practice Spelling Words At Home

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Practice Spelling Words


Are you searching for some great ways to keep your child productive and updated with the vocabulary words while at home?

You must have heard about the phrase “work from home” a lot since last year, but what are your thoughts on “learn from home”? Interesting right? Learning from home is a great way to keep your kids productive and utilizing their time to expand their knowledge for the vocabulary test for grade 7. This method will benefit the child in learning new vocabulary words and provide a significant time for you to bond with your child.

Therefore, to learn some great ways to practice for the vocabulary test for grade 7 or spice up the existing spelling word practice ritual, follow this blog till the end. 

1. Search, spell, Highlight And Note

Here you see a set of four activities in a single practice method. This way of practice will ensure that your kid memorizes the spelling in a single shot while following this method. 

Bring out any old newspaper or magazines and go on a word hunt with your child. Keep a notepad, a pencil, and the spelling list along with you as you start your practice. Let your child search each of his or her spelling words in the context of either of the above sources and spell it aloud when he/she finds the word. After that, ask him/her to highlight and note the word on a notepad.

This activity will draw his concentration towards the spelling as he goes on the word search. At the same time, spelling out and noting the word down will ensure that your kid memorizes the word in a single attempt.

2. Let Your Child Text the Words to You

How can texting benefit in learning or memorizing new spelling words for grade 7? Well, when you type a word on a computer or a cell phone, you might have noticed that you search for the letters to compose the word, and while searching, you keep on repeating or looking at the spelling of that unfamiliar word so you can write the correct word without messing up.

The constant reminder of the letters in spelling will help you to memorize the word. As you keep practicing, you will observe that your fingers have learned the term before your realization. They will type the correct word without you putting much effort into recalling it. All because the motor-sensory neurons in your brain have memorized the repeated signal, causing the word’s memorization.

3.Play Hangman

Kids can be a little stubborn when it comes to learning at home. And to ensure that the productive time you spend with your kids is not dull or exhausting, here is a fun game that you can play with your kids and also make them learn new words.

Hangman is one of the famous spelling games among kids. There are many online apps available where you can play hangman but it is fun to play in real life.

If you want to follow the spelling list, I will suggest you play it on paper or a whiteboard rather than an app.

 4. Write A Sentence Using Each Spelling Word

Composing a sentence for the spelling words will help your kids understand the meaning and usage of the words in the context or vocabulary. We all did this in our schooling years. Whenever we learned a new word, our teacher would search for the meaning of the word and then use it in a sentence. 

That is how we learned most of our words that we use in our daily life. Similarly, sentence making will allow your kid to have good exposure to the word so that he/she can learn and utilize it in the future.

Grab your kid’s spelling list and ask him to write either a funny or exciting sentence using his spelling words for grade 7. He will not only enjoy this activity but also learn from it.


The last and most effective one on the list is practicing spelling words through spell-quiz. It is an online platform with a massive number of activities and games that work for any person of any age. Visit now to have a fun and productive experience of learning new words.

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